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Sub Zero
ABGO SubZeroLogo
Release Date: March 20, 2014 (Android), March 21, 2014 (iOS)
Levels: v1.0: 15 challenges, 3 tracks
Episode No.: 5
Previous Episode: Stunt
Next Episode: N/A
Game(s): Angry Birds Go!

Sub Zero is the fifth episode/circuit in Angry Birds Go! It was added with the March 2014 update (v1.2.0) on the game as a preview, but the full release was released in May 2014 (v1.3.0) along with a new weekly tournament update.

In the Angry Birds Go! 2.0 update, a kart to Sub-Zero (Snow Scoop) is unlocked after beating event 3-1, making it the 3rd track to unlock.


  • The Toboggan
  • Frostbite
  • Ice Cracker

List of Sub Zero Karts

ABGO SubZeroLogo
Karts Cost Cake Capacity Stats

Santa's Sleigh L6 (*)

Free (limited time)

271cc to 630cc

ABGO TopSpeed 2 to 11
ABGO Acceleration 1 to 10
ABGO Handling 2 to 11
ABGO Strength 1 to 10


Xmas Kart Mk. II L6 (*)

Free (limited time; unlock after drift 5,000 meters on the track)

271cc to 630cc

ABGO TopSpeed 1 to 10
ABGO Acceleration 2 to 11
ABGO Handling 1 to 10
ABGO Strength 2 to 11


Tar Barreller L1

ABF birdcoin 5,000

271cc to 390cc

ABGO TopSpeed 1 to 4
ABGO Acceleration 0 to 3
ABGO Handling 1 to 4
ABGO Strength 4 to 7


Polar Ice Cup L2


390cc to 510cc

ABGO TopSpeed 4 to 7
ABGO Acceleration 3 to 6
ABGO Handling 4 to 7
ABGO Strength 7 to 10


Cramp-on Crawler L3


510cc to 630cc

ABGO TopSpeed 7 to 10
ABGO Acceleration 6 to 9
ABGO Handling 7 to 10
ABGO Strength 10 to 13


Tracked Trekker L4



ABGO TopSpeed 10
ABGO Acceleration 9
ABGO Handling 10
ABGO Strength 13


Slushy Slider L1

Gem 240

281cc to 400cc

ABGO TopSpeed 3 to 6
ABGO Acceleration 1 to 4
ABGO Handling 2 to 5
ABGO Strength 0 to 3


Snow Scoop L2


401cc to 520cc

ABGO TopSpeed 6 to 9
ABGO Acceleration 4 to 7
ABGO Handling 5 to 8
ABGO Strength 3 to 6


Sledge Hog L3


520cc to 640cc

ABGO TopSpeed 9 to 12
ABGO Acceleration 7 to 10
ABGO Handling 8 to 11
ABGO Strength 6 to 9


Strike Out L4



ABGO TopSpeed 12
ABGO Acceleration 10
ABGO Handling 11
ABGO Strength 9


Snow Shoo L6

Gem 720

291cc to 650cc

ABGO TopSpeed 3 to 12
ABGO Acceleration 2 to 11
ABGO Handling 2 to 11
ABGO Strength 3 to 12


Shred Sled L6

Gem 1,500

301cc to 660cc

ABGO TopSpeed 3 to 12
ABGO Acceleration 1 to 10
ABGO Handling 3 to 12
ABGO Strength 5 to 14


Chuck Ice L6

Gem 1,500

311cc to 670cc

ABGO TopSpeed 4 to 13
ABGO Acceleration 2 to 11
ABGO Handling 5 to 14
ABGO Strength 3 to 12


Mr Plow L6

Gem 1,500

321cc to 680cc

ABGO TopSpeed 6 to 15
ABGO Acceleration 3 to 12
ABGO Handling 4 to 13
ABGO Strength 5 to 14


The Blue Cornet L6

Gem 1,500

331cc to 690cc

ABGO TopSpeed 5 to 14
ABGO Acceleration 3 to 12
ABGO Handling 6 to 15
ABGO Strength 4 to 13


Arctic Roller L6

Gem 1,500

341cc to 700cc

ABGO TopSpeed 8 to 17
ABGO Acceleration 5 to 14
ABGO Handling 6 to 15
ABGO Strength 8 to 17

Coming Soon



  • There are Telepods for this episode/circuit.
  • This is the first episode in an update on Angry Birds Go!
  • It is the only track not to include Champion Chase.
  • After the release of the remaining levels of Sub Zero, Rovio highly decreased the amount of coins and gems of the daily event rewards.
  • A few updates later, the energy bar's indicators were replaced by cupcakes.
  • Terrence's Kart, "Mr Plow", may be a reference to the Simpsons, as there was once a costume worn called "Mr Plow".
  • In the track 3, if you use the variants of King Pig´s karts, while approaching the finish the kart will break after do some jumps. It´s most probably if you use Chuck as the conductor. But it happens if your kart is very damaged.
  • The episode shares the same name of a Mortal Kombat character.

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