Summer Pignic 1-3
Episode Summer Pignic
Level Number 3
Birds Sequence White Bird x1

Yellow Bird x2

No. of Pigs Small Pig x6

Large Pig x4

3-star Score 106,000
Previous Next
Summer Pignic 1-2 Summer Pignic 1-4

Theme S-3 is the third level of Summer Pignic. The player is supplied with White Bird and 2 Yellow Birds. It contains six Small Pigs and four Large Pigs that must be destroyed it.

3-Star Strategy

Use the first bird for Matilda just above the lowest level, dropping the bomb as late as possible. Launch the secord bird for Chuck through the wooden supports on the first step, This should cause the entire structure to topple.


  • This is the first level that Matilda appears in Summer Pignic.

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