Summer Pignic 1-7
Episode Summer Pignic
Level Number 7
Birds Sequence Yellow Bird x3

White Bird x1

No. of Pigs Small Pig x2

Large Pig x3 Helmet Pig

3-star Score 102,000
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Theme S-7 is the seventh level of Summer Pignic. The player is supplied with 3 Yellow Birds and one White Bird. It contains two Small Pigs or three Large Pigs and Helmet Pig that must be destroyed in it.

3-Star Strategy

Use the Chuck to through the vertical wooden block on the left, but traveling downward so as to pop the Large Pig at the bottom of the through. Fire the Matilda to bomb just before the middle structure, causing it to collapse inward. Use the next Chuck or two into the right tower to push it over and reach the Large Pig at the bottom of the through.


This is the first level the Helmet Pig appears in.