Super Glue
Super Glue
Episode number 8
Air Date May 30, 2014
Written by JP Saari
Directed by JP Saari
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The Mirror Piggy in the Middle

Super Glue is the eighth episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description

What’s green, stupid, and sticky all over? See what happens when one dimwitted pig finds a tube of glue – and just has to pick it up!


The story starts with one Minion Pig looking at the tube of the Super Glue, smelling it, and picking it up, when he saw another Minion Pig dropping by. Then, he drops the Super Glue, and a Minion Pig tried to go someplace else until he did not see that he was stuck to another Minion Pig. Then he stops moving until another Minion Pig greets and stops by. Then, he gets stuck to the Minion Pig that was stuck at previously, and rolls one way. Then, yet another Minion Pig stops by and greets "Hey", until he was now stuck to two other Minion Pigs and rolls the other way. Another Minion Pig stops by and tries to join the three Minion Pigs' sticky situation, but the three Minion Pigs say not to, but he did not listen and joins their sticky situation, and rolls one way, and they roll from the other way to one way until this pig feels exhausted. Then, he forms the other Minion Pigs into a caterpillar and tries to move.



Piggy Tales "Super Glue"01:09

Piggy Tales "Super Glue"

Hmm... What's this? Let's try! and... Oops!


  • This episode's title is a reference to the Super Glue power-up in the Bad Piggies game.
  • This is the first Piggy Tales episode to have the word Super in it. The second is Superpork.
  • A Minion Pig said ''Hey'' in the episode. This is one of the few times a minion pig spoke.
  • The glue looks exactly like the Super Glue power-up. All that's missing is a star.
  • Foreman Pig appears as a only sound camo. The sound is the same taken from Slappy-Go-Lucky.

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