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A TNT crate

Black TNT

A black TNT

TNT Crates, also known as dynamite or TNT boxes, are an explosive used by Pigs in Angry Birds. Once struck, the TNT Crates explode, destroying objects within a short radius and send things flying away within a larger one. TNT Crates can prove to be quite useful for the player, since a large, fortified structure can fall when blown up. TNT Crates appear in Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds SeasonsAngry Birds Space, Angry Birds: On Thin IceAngry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds GO!Bad Piggies and Angry Birds Transformers. They first appear in Theme 2-15 and if hit, they give you five hundred (500) points.


  • In Angry Birds Telepizza, TNT is replaced by Jalapeño Boxes.
  • Black Pumpkins act as TNT in Ham'o'ween and Haunted Hogs when destroyed.
  • In Red Planet, there are fire meteors that explode in the same way.
  • In the Birdday Party update for Angry Birds, there is also a new form of TNT, Exploding Cake. The exploding cake is a black cake with the words "TNT" on it. When hit, it does something a little different. Instead, it turns into frosting like balls and doesn't seem to do much damage from the TNT crate itself, though it has the similar idea.
  • In Angry Birds Friends Winter Tournament, there is a gift power up with gifts falling from the sky, then they unwrap into TNT crates, which all explode.
  • In Angry Birds Chrome, TNT is replaced by Chrome Bombs in Chrome Dimension.
  • In Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars II, there are also metal TNT boxes that are harder to explode. 
  • In Angry Birds GO!, TNT Crates serve as common, yet dangerous obstacles. They will blow up when collided into, slowing down the racer who crashed into them. 
  • TNT boxes return in Angry Birds 2 and have no apparent changes from their appearance in the original Angry Birds. 


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