Score Mighty Falcon Walkthrough Versions
Tatooine 1-29 (Angry Birds Star Wars)
Episode Tatooine
Level 29
Order of Birds Han 2LukeHan 2
No.of Pigs Storm pig x4
Target Score: ThreeStars (Transparent): 43,000 points
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Tatooine 1-28 Tatooine 1-30

Tatooine 1-29 is the 29th level of Angry Birds Star Wars.


This level is tricky because asteroids block the laser blast.

Three Star Walkthrough

SW 1-29 strategy

Shooting laser like this.

Launch Han Solo directly towards the large square wood block. Shoot the iron platform on the planet below just before impact. The shots should double-ricochet on the iron block below, and again on the top right one.

Video Walkthrough

See Video Walkthrough.

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