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Difficulty is a system to measure how difficult a level is. In Angry Birds Wiki, there are 8 levels of difficulty. There are:

8 Insanely hard
7 Very hard
6 Hard
5 Considerably hard
4 Medium
3 Considerably easy
2 Easy
1 Very easy

Note: You can only find these colors in the level list tables. You can't view these colors in the infobox like Candy Crush Wiki.


  • It is on the discussion whether "considerably hard" and "considerably easy" should be changed to "slightly hard" and "slightly easy" due to a wrong conception in the meaning.
  • This system is brought from Candy Crush Saga Wiki, which founder is Lefty7788.
  • Notes in the level list tables may be related to the difficulty system.
  • In the Candy Crush Wiki, the color of "Medium" difficulty is salmon, this use yellow instead because it's hard to identify red and salmon.
  • The first "Very Hard" level in Angry Birds is Theme 2-21.
  • The first ""Insanely Hard" level in Angry Birds is Theme 5-20 because it's extremely hard to destroy the stone and glass bridge with four Blue Birds.
  • The hardest level in all Angry Birds Games are Theme 6-12, Theme Cake 2-8,

Pig Dipper 6-22, Danger Zone D-10, Cloud City 4-40, and Death Star 2 6-11.

  • The hardest level in Angry Birds Epic is Maelstrom. Because the deadly Poseidon Pig with 41,925 health is the reason.
  • Eastern Cobalt Plateaus - 1 is also insanely hard because it is full of pirate pigs. But there are just four birds you can choose. It will be easier if you use potions.

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