The Angry Birds Movie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is Atlantic Records' official soundtrack for the 3D CGI-Animated feature The Angry Birds Movie.The soundtrack was released in May 6, 2016 on ITunes for $9.99.


Track No. Title Artist Length
1. Friends Blake Shelton 3:04
2 I Will Survive Demi Lovato 4:05
3. Wonderful Life (Mi Oh My) Matoma 3:30
4. On Top of the World Imagine Dragons 3:12
5. Explode Charli XCX 3:45
6. Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Astley 3:34
7. Rock You Like a Hurricane Scorpions 4:16
8. Fight Steve Aoki 3:52
9. Wild Thing Tone-Loc 4:25
10. Sound of da Police KRS-One 4:18
11. Behind Blue Eyes Limp Bizkit 4:31
12. Mighty Eagle (Extended) Peter Dinklage 2:06
13. The Mighty Red Song The Hatchlings 0:47
14. Angry Birds Movie Score Medley Heitor Pereira 3:18

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