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The Holidays are Coming!

Zone Events
Type Normal Battle
Enemies Santa's Little Helper, Antler Pig, Santa Pig, Snowball Bomb, and random snow/ice pigs
Main Prize ABEpicEventMedal (Transparent):250, 500 or 750
Previous Next
Curse of the Necromancer Happy Year of the Goat!

The Holidays are Coming! is the fifth event of Angry Birds Epic, which is started on December 21, 2014 and ended on December 25, 2014. The event started again on December 18, 2015 and ended on December 30, 2015 with featuring Bomb's new class, a map and Golden Pig Castle.


Snow Pig

Special Rules:


You cannot use Red for this battle.

Antler Pig

Special Rules:


You must use The Blues for this battle.

Santa Pig

Special Rules:


Tranquil Air - Rage Chili fills up 75% slower.


Gift Box


A gift box

Gift Box placed everywhere on Piggy Island. Collect them for event medals and valuable items like Snoutlings and Staminas before the event ends.


Difficulty are varies by pigs. Snow Pigs are easiest, Antler Pigs are harder, Santa Pigs are hardest.


All of the ice/snow pigs can be in the battle with some new pigs as show below:

Santa'sLittleHelper Santa's Little Helper

ABEpicHP (Transparent) H


Tickling Tickler - Deals N damage. Empties the Rage Chili by 5%.

AntlerPig Antler Pig

ABEpicHP (Transparent) H


Gruff Whip - Deals N damage.

Holidays After Hours - Target has a 50% chance to deal critical damage. Lasts 2 turns.

Incompetent Minions - Passive: Damage increased by 25% for each knocked out ally.

SantaPig Santa Pig

ABEpicHP (Transparent) H


Sugar Slap - Deals N damage. Target also takes m damage per turn for the next 3 turns.

Ho ho ho help! - Charge: 2 turns. Calls a Snow Pig as support.

Annoying - Increases attack power of all allies by 20%.

SnowballBomb Snowball Bomb

ABEpicHP (Transparent) H


Tick Tack - Charge: 2 turns. Deals N damage to all enemies.


Choose the birds correctly and defeat the pigs.





  • The event was supposed to end on December 27, 2014 but it ended on Christmas Day due to server issues on Christmas(the game crashes and the event leaderboard resets to zero every time a player exited the game or when the game exits automatically). There was only one user named 'UnnamedPlayer' in the leaderboard who got the first prize (and the only player to get a prize) because there was no one else in the leaderboard. Many users were very upset that they did not get any rewards from this event. Rovio later sent 60 LuckyCoin to players as compensation for the holiday issues.
  • When Santa Pig attacks, there is no attacking animation and visible status effect.
  • When Santa Pig calls for Snow Pigs, he actually calls for 2 helpers (Santa's Little Helper).

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