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The Prankster is the ninth episode of Angry Birds Stella Animated Series.

Toons.TV Description Edit

Poppy is on a prank rampage leaving Stella and the flock on edge. To get even, the flock devises the ultimate prank on Poppy, but can they truly outprank the prankmaster?

Characters (in order of appearance) Edit

Plot Edit


Trivia Edit

  • It is the second episode in a row to not have Gale and the pigs in it. First was Rock On! and second was Own The Sky.
  • This is the first time that Willow took off her hat.
  • The scene in which Poppy makes the joke to Stella of the red feathers and she falls from the tree house is a reference of Chuck Time from Angry Birds Toons.
Sin título

(references from Chuck time To The Prankster: 1.Chuck Time reference:Chuck Happy To Red,But Red Fall. 2.The Prankster reference:Up In The Triva)

Errors Edit

  • When Poppy is in the trap before the water bucket falls down, the maracas are there, but when the bucket of water is poured over her, the maracas are gone.

Gallery Edit

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