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The Road to El Porkado

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The Road to El Porkado
Theroadofelporkador select
Episode number 6
Levels 36 (normal levels + 9 (bonus levels)
New features
Released August 20, 2015
Game(s) Bad Piggies Icon
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Tusk 'til Dawn N/A
  1. The Road to El Porkado is a sixth episode of Bad Piggies.


King Pig is angry because there's a vase lefting.

Ross found a map that leads to El Porkado.

Ross seems brave to face the road to El Porkado.

Ross goes ahead in this adventure, later he enters a door and discovers a big golden statue! He found El Porkado.

Ross brought the Golden Statue home.


  • There are first levels, where an item is unusually, and where are decatchers on normal levels
  • This is a very adventure episode
  • The episode is based in the legendary city of Manoa, main city of El Dorado
  • In the first set of levels Ross is going to El Porkado, level 1 to 4 he is a beach. 5 to 8 he's in a dark cave. 9 to 12 he's in the mountains (you can see the entrance of El Porkado in level 12). In the second set Freckles is in El Porkado. In the third he's going back home.


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