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Poached Eggs 1-2
Episode Poached Eggs EP
Level Number 2
Birds Sequence Diehard Diehard Diehard Diehard Diehard
No.of Pigs Teamster x4
3-star Score 3star: 60,000 points
Difficulty Very Easy
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Poached Eggs 1-1 Poached Eggs 1-3

Poached Eggs 1-2 (A.K.A High Plateaus) is the 2nd level in Angry Birds and is one of the easiest of the game. It contains four Small Pigs that must be destroyed, each sitting on podiums, made up of a vertical stone block (The first three having small stone blocks and the fourth with a longer one) and a horizontal wooden block.

Three Star Strategy

The player must first fire the first Red Bird over all the pigs, so it bounces back off the slanted wall on the far side. It will fly at the last and highest pig, and then knock over the metal bar holding up the pig. It will cause a domino chain reaction. If done correctly, all of the Small Pigs become destroyed, leaving the player with four Red Birds left for an extra 40,000 points.


  • Trick or Treat 1-2 on Angry Birds Seasons is constructed similar to this level, except going up like a staircase and an increased number of pigs. Both levels have the same strategy to get three stars.

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