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Theme 12-1
Episode Ham 'Em High
Level Number
Birds Sequence Yellow Bird x3
No.of Pigs Small Pig x8
3-star Score 74,000
Difficulty Hard
Previous Next
Theme 11-15 Theme 12-2

Theme 12-1 (AKA The Saloon) is the one hundred ninety-sixth level of the original Angry Birds, and is also the stage that kicks off the Ham 'Em High chapter in the saga. It introduces the Wild West setting into the series, and introduces pigs that wear cowboy hats.

Three Star Strategy

To obtain the best possible score for this stage, the player must fire the first Yellow Bird in such a precise spot so that it can reach the Small Pig on the lower-right of the stage. If done correctly, all of the pigs excluding the one hiding in the bottom left support of the structure will die. The player then must use one last bird to finish off the remaining pig. This should result in around 64,000 points, with one spare Yellow Bird, for a total of 74,000.

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