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Theme 12-8
Episode Ham 'em High EP
Level Number 203
Birds Sequence Diehard Bohemian Dude
No.of Pigs Teamster x6
3-star Score 3star: 59,000 points
Difficulty Medium
Previous Next
Theme 12-7 Theme 12-9

Theme 12-8 is the eighth level of the first theme of Ham 'Em High.


Fire the Red bird through the first horizontal wooden plank, causing the first column to collapse. Next, fire the White bird head-on towards the structure, bombing as late as possible. Pop the last pig by taking out the third column with a Yellow bird. If you're lucky, the Yellow bird will cause the TNT to detonate via debris and you will earn you a few extra thousand.

Video Walkthroughs

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Ham 'Em High 12-800:38

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Ham 'Em High 12-8

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