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Theme 13-12 is the 27th level in Ham 'Em High.

3-Star Strategy

Take the first Yellow Bird and sling it and hit the first Stone structure which has all the strawberries in it. Next, aim the White Bird and sling it towards the wood behind what used to be the first stone structure. Just before it hits the wood, drop the Egg Bomb. Take the Boomerang Bird and shoot it towards the back of the structure. Tap the screen so that the bird is on an angle so that it destroys the wood containing the remaining pigs. Use the next bird, or two if you need to, to kill the last pig inside the last stone structure. If one bird was used, then 20,000 extra points are awarded. If two were used, then 10,000 points are rewarded instead.

Golden Egg

The Super Bowl Golden Egg is found on this level. To gain it, simply attack the bump on the "hill" behind the Slingshot. The easiest way to do this is to shoot the White Bird's egg bomb.

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