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Birdday Party 18-15

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Birdday Party 18-15
Episode Birdday Party Ep
Level Number 303
Birds Sequence Dude Cool Bohemian Guru
No.of Pigs Teamster x7 Teamster x1
Teamster x1 Headstrong x1
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 125,000 points
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Birdday Party 18-14 Birdday Party 19-1

Birdday Party 18-15 (or Birdday Party Cake 2 Level 15) is the final level of Birdday Party. There is a secret colorful cake next to the left of the bottom-left TNT along with three balls. Collect it and you'll get the hidden "Cakemonger" achievement which grants you 10 Game Center points. Click on this link for tutorials to get that cake.


Fire the Yellow bird horizontally, just below the stone blocks on the far left. Be sure the wooden arm breaks. Next, loft the Orange bird as far as possible so its expansion destroys the right side of the level. Finally, drop the bomb of the White bird just right of, but as close as possible to, the tower on the left side.

Video Walkthrough

Angry Birds Birdday Party 18-15 Walkthrough 3 Star Birthday Party00:56

Angry Birds Birdday Party 18-15 Walkthrough 3 Star Birthday Party



Old version design

  • In the old version, after you completed the level, the cutscene has shown that King Pig has been defeated but there were no King Pig in the level. Some people think that the Large Pig wearing a crown was King Pig, but it was not.

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