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Theme 18-3

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Theme 18-3
[[File:Birdday 18-3|250px]]
Episode Birdday Party
Level Number 288
Birds Sequence White Bird x2

Yellow Bird x2

No.of Pigs Medium Pig x5
3-star Score 57,000
Difficulty Considerably Hard
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Theme 18-2 Theme 18-4

Theme 18-3 is the third level in Birdday Party.


White Bird x2

Yellow Bird x2


It's very hard to break some blocks.


Launch the White bird as low as possible, but still clearing the balloons to detonate the TNT on the left. The stones and bird should launch into the main structure, pushing it to the right. Loft the next White bird over the structure and bomb to the right of the next-to-last vertical support — directly above the last pig. Use the first Yellow bird horizontally, just above the pillar, to clear all pigs in the interior. Use the final Yellow bird as necessary.


A glitch can be done by using Matilda, the White Bird. There are two White Birds, but you want to use the first one. Shoot the White Bird backwards and use her egg bomb ability on top of the first Yellow Bird so that the egg she deploys lands on the first Yellow Bird, but make sure the second White Bird is still there before she hops on the slingshot so that when the egg bounces off of the first Yellow Bird, it then can bounce off of the White Bird and land between the two Yellow Birds. It will be stuck there until the first Yellow Bird can hop on the slingshot, then the egg will fall down and explode.

There is a video showing this glitch:


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