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Theme Cake 2-8
Birdday 18-8
Episode Birdday5
Level Number 323
Birds Sequence GuruDudeBohemianDude
No.of Pigs Teamster x3 Teamster x1
Headstrong x3
3-star Score 88,000
Difficulty Insanely Hard
Previous Next
Theme Cake 2-7 Theme Cake 2-9

Theme Cake 2-8 is the eighth level of the theme Cake 2 in Birdday Party. With there are many blockers, this level is extremely hard to win.


Send the Boomerang Bird high so that he will into the middle of the level. Send the yellow Bird with the same projecttile to take the boulders in the left side down to the bottom of the level. With Chuck's ability, he may push the rightmost boulder. Use the White Bird to finish the remaining pigs. Warning: You have to shoot the egg bomb before crashing. This is a very hard shot.

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