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Score Mighty Eagle Video Walkthrough Versions
Theme 2-11
Vital statistics
Episode Poached Eggs EP
Level Number 32
Order of Birds SparkySparkySparkySparky
No.of Pigs Teamster x1 Teamster x2
Target Score Threestars: 69,000 points
Difficulty Medium
Previous Current Next
Theme 2-10 Theme 2-11 Theme 2-12

Theme 2-11 is the 11th level of World 2, and the 32nd level of Poached Eggs.

3-Star Strategy

Shoot the first Black Bird directly to the right of the first stone tower and near the leftmost pig. Shoot the next one, or if need be, two birds in the same spot, which will kill the remaining pigs. The final unused bird awards the player 10,000 extra points.

Video Walkthrough

See Theme 2-11/Video Walkthrough

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