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Angry Birds 2
General Info
Platforms: iOS and Android
Release Date: Canada: 5 March 2015 (as Angry Birds Under Pigstruction)

Worldwide: 30 July 2015 (as Angry Birds 2)

Creators: Rovio Entertainment
Genre: Puzzle

Angry Birds 2 (known as Angry Birds Under Pigstruction in Canada) is a puzzle platformer game developed by Rovio Mobile, first soft launched in Canada on March 5 and officially released on July 30, 2015. The direct sequel to Angry Birds utilizes new challenges such as multi-stage levels and boss battles (referred to as boss piggies). The game also introduces a new aids such as spells and a new bird known as Silver.


The game's story takes place after the events of the original Angry Birds. The pigs once again decided to take the eggs from the flock and take them to the pigs' airship, so the birds get extremely mad and decide to save the eggs from the pigs.






  • Golden Duck - It's Raining Ducks!
  • Blizzard - Turns Blocks into Ice
  • Hot Chili - The Heat is On!
  • Pig Inflater - Pumped Up Piggies!
  • Mighty Eagle - Enough Said!

Limited Power Ups (Sponsored Power Ups)

  • Buzz's Honey Blaster Spell (Special Honey Nut Cheerios event spell available in the US)
  • Octo the Lover Spell (Special Nibblers event spell)
  • Monstrous Spell of Mavis (Special Hotel Transylvania 2 event spell)
  • Shakira's Love Rocks Spell (Special Love Rocks event spell)
  • Idea Advantage Spell (Special Idea MNP Operator event spell available in India)
  • Hatchlings Spell (Special The Angry Birds Movie event spell)
  • Cardbury Gems Spell (Special Cardbury Gems event spell)
  • Release The Catch Spell (Special Support to WWF event spell available only on iOS devices)
  • SpinMaster Spell (Special Angry Birds Spinmaster toy spell)


  • Minion Pigs (Some wearing costumes with special abilities, to see a list of them click here)
  • Chef Pig (Boss)
  • Foreman Pig (Boss)
  • King Pig (Boss)
  • Helmet Pig (extra protection)
  • Golden Pig (when destroyed, it instantly fills the Destruct-o-Meter)
  • Umbrella Pig (falls slowly and small protection)
  • Rocket Pig (blasts upward when in danger, then parachutes down)
  • Balloon Pig (after a while, he inflates a balloon that carries him around)
  • Construction Pig (lobs screwdrivers at the Birds)
  • Wizard Pig (uses his wand to shoot projectiles)
  • Polymorph Pig (transforms the Birds into various objects, from blocks to even Pigs)
  • Fireman Pig (incinerates Birds if they come too close)
  • Magician Pig (teleports to another location when in danger)
  • Chemist Pig (when popped, he changes all the blocks on the screen to one type)
  • Explosive Pig (when popped, he explodes)
  • Inner Tube Pig (floats on water)
  • Scuba Diver Pig (doesn't drown in water)
  • Astronaut Pig (temporarily disables gravity on objects around him when popped)


Chapter No. Chapter Name Location Levels
1 Feathery Hills Cobalt Plateaus 1-15
2 New Pork City Pig City 16-35
3 Eggchanted Woods Bamboo Forest 36-60
4 Chirp Valley Cobalt Plateaus 61-90
5 Shangham Pig City 91-120
6 Greasy Swamp Bamboo Forest 121-150
7 Greenerville Cobalt Plateaus 151-180
8 Steakholm Pig City 181-210
9 Misty Mire Bamboo Forest 211-240
10 Pigsyland Pig City 241-280
11 Snotting Hill Bamboo Forest 281-320
12 Fluttering Heights Cobalt Plateaus 321-360
13 Mount Evernest Cobalt Plateaus 361-400
14 Ham Francisco Pig City 401-440
15 Pig Bay Cobalt Plateaus 441-500
16 Gravity Grove Bamboo Forest 501-540
17 The Pig Apple Pig City 541-580


  • Unlike the original Angry Birds games (Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, etc.), the birds have their Toons appearance (except for Silver, who made her debut in this game).
  • The game's original name, Under Pigstruction was a play on Under Construction, an event used to show that the process of construction is taking place.
  • This is the third Angry Birds game after Angry Birds POP! and the Korean version of Angry Birds to feature the lives system. Failing a level will cost a live and after all five lives are used up(All 3 after the Pigsyland update), the player has to either wait for 30 minutes in order to refill lives, watch a video to get a live for free, or refill all 3 lives by paying for gems.
    • Now lives system is identical to Candy Crush Saga and its sequels (Soda and Jelly Saga) as there are up to 5 lives and each recharges for 30 minutes.
    • As long as the first bird was not launched and the player quits, a live will not be lost despite the level failed screen, similar to mobile versions of Candy Crush Saga.
  • This was the first game to give Red permanent abilities.
    • In the other games, Red's battle cry barely does anything.
      • His power was limited in Red's Mighty Feathers in the first game and as a power-up.
  • It unknown why Corporal Pig does not appear in this game. Technically, there is a Minion Pig who wears Corporal Pig's helmet, from Kombo's episodes of Angry Birds Toons.
  • All Pig City episodes are named after a city. New Pork City came from New York City, Shangham came from Shanghai, Steakholm came from Stockholm, and Ham Francisco came from San Francisco.
  • This is the second time a pun on New York City has been made. The first was New Yolk City, the setting of the Super Angry Birds comic.
  • If a player tries to restart on a level, he/she will also get a fail screen.
  • This is the second Angry Birds video game that does not have its own Toons.TV video app, after Angry Birds Stella POP!, as pressing the Toons.TV button redirects you to a browser version. Now it redirects to its own Toons.TV app.
  • On the Angry Birds Facebook page, a 3 page comic about the story of Angry Birds 2 was released. This strip revealed why Silver was raised by the pigs. They found her as an egg, and she hatched just before getting cooked.
  • When the Gravity Grove update first released, the game crashes at startup on iOS. This has now been fixed.






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