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Angry Birds 2
General Info
Platforms: IOS and Android
Release Date: Canada: 5 March 2015 (as Angry Birds Under Pigstruction)

Worldwide: 30 July 2015 (as Angry Birds 2)

Creators: Rovio Entertainment
Genre: Puzzle

Angry Birds 2 (known as Angry Birds Under Pigstruction in Canada) was released July 30 and a soft-launch in Canada on March 5th. And as the bird return they encounter boss battles that are tough this game includes 1 new bird Silver and also includes the original birds. This game includes new power-ups (Spells) that you can use to help you though levels and it is very different from the 1st Angry Birds and has reached so far 10 Million downloads!



Chapter 1: Feathery Hills, Cobalt Plateaus
Chapter 2: New Pork City, Pig City
Chapter 3: Eggchanted Woods, Bamboo Forest
Chapter 4: Chirp Valley, Cobalt Plateaus
Chapter 5: Shangham, Pig City
Chapter 6: Greasy Swamp, Bamboo Forest
Chapter 7: Greenerville, Cobalt Plateaus
Chapter 8: Steakholm, Pig City
Chapter 9: Misty Mire, Bamboo Forest


  • Unlike the original Angry Birds games (Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, etc.), the birds have their Toons appearance (except for Silver, who made a debut in this game).
  • The game's original name, Under Pigstruction was a play on Under Construction, an event used to show that the process of construction is taking place.
  • This is the second Angry Birds game not to have its own Toons.TV video viewing app, after Angry Birds Stella POP!, as pressing the Toons.TV button automatically redirects you to a browser version.
  • This is the second Angry Birds game after Angry Birds Stella POP! to feature the lives system. Failing a level will cost a live and after all five lives are used up, the player has to either wait for 30 minutes in order to refill lives, watch a video to get a live for free, or refill all 5 lives by paying for gems.
  • This was the first game to give Red permanent abilities.
  • Stella, Bubbles and Hal do not appear in the game.
    • In the other games, Red's battle cry barely does anything.
      • His power was limited in Red's Mighty Feathers and as a power-up.



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