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Theme 2-7
Vital statistics
Episode Poached Eggs EP
Level Number 28
Order of Birds DudeDudeSparkyPrankster
No.of Pigs Teamster x3
Target Score Threestars: 50,000 points
Difficulty Medium
Previous Current Next
Theme 2-6 Theme 2-7 Theme 2-8

Theme 2-7 is the 28th level of Poached Eggs.

3-Star Strategy

Shoot the first Yellow Bird so that it hits both the leftmost horizontal wood block and the small stone square directly underneath it. This should take out the first pig. Shoot the second yellow bird at the leftmost horizontal stone block so that the weight on the other side causes it to crush the glass and pigs beneath them. The unused Black Bird and Blue Bird award the player 20,000 extra points.

Video Walkthrough

See Theme 2-7/Video Walkthrough

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