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Theme 3-15

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Theme 3-15
[[File:Theme 3-15|250px]]
Episode Poached Eggs
Level Number 57
Birds Sequence Black Bird

White Bird x2

No.of Pigs Small Pig x4
3-star Score 44,000
Difficulty Medium
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Theme 3-14 Theme 3-16

Theme 3-15 is the fifty-seventh level in Poached Eggs.

Three Star Strategy

Aim the Black Bird at the middle of the "pyramid" between the two dice. Make sure the bird rests directly on the wood vertical plank before detonation. Aim the White Bird at the remaining pig, releasing the egg just before impact. The final unused White Bird awards the player 10,000 extra points.


  • This is the second time the Dice appear. First was in Theme 3-9.

Video Walkthrough

See Theme 3-15/Video Walkthrough

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