Mighty Hoax 4-12
Episode Mighty Hoax EP
Level Number 75
Birds Sequence Dude Dude Dude Diehard
No. of Pigs Teamster: x6
3-star Score 94,000
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Mighty Hoax 4-12 is the 12th level of Mighty Hoax and the 75th level of Angry Birds overall.

3 Star Strategy

Shoot the Yellow Bird through the first two towers, causing the left tower to fall. Then use the next one to crash through the footing of the middle tower clearing a path for the final two pigs. Launch the Yellow Bird through the hollow wooden squares of the right towers causing them to fall. The unused Yellow Bird will award the player an extra 10000 points.

Video Walkthroughs

4-12 ★★★ Angry Birds - 2 birds HD

4-12 ★★★ Angry Birds - 2 birds HD