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Theme 4-20
Episode Mighty Hoax
Level Number 83
Birds Sequence Black Bird2x

White Bird2x Yellow Bird

No.of Pigs Small Pig

Large Pig9x

3-star Score 107,000
Difficulty Medium
Previous Next
Theme 4-19 Theme 4-21

Theme 4-20 is the twentieth level of Mighty Hoax and the 83rd level of Angry Birds overall.

3 Star Strategy

First,fire the Black Bird so he lands through the second horizontal stone plank,destroying most of the structure.Then use the Yellow Bird to clear up any wooden debris.FInally,use the Black Bird and the White Bird to finish off the last few pigs.The player will awarded an extra 10,000 points for the unused White Bird.

4-20 ★★★ Angry Birds - 4 birds HD00:48

4-20 ★★★ Angry Birds - 4 birds HD

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