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Theme 4-7
Episode Mighty Hoax
Level Number 70
Birds Sequence Red Bird 2x

Blue Bird 2x
Yellow Bird

No.of Pigs Large Pig 4x
3-star Score 73,000
Difficulty Medium
Previous Next
Theme 4-6 Theme 4-8

Theme 4-7 is the 7th level of the fourth theme in Mighty Hoax and the 70th level in Angry Birds overall.

3 Star Walkthroughs

First, shoot the Red and Blue Birds to reach the TNT on the top right structure. Then use another Blue Bird to destroy the almost damaged blocks on top. Finally, fire the Yellow Bird through the bottom structure triggering the TNT.

Golden Egg

The Golden Egg will be on top of the hill when you zoom out. Aim it with the Yellow Bird by shooting as high as you can. This will unlock Golden Egg Level 9.

4-7 ★★★ Angry Birds - 4 birds HD00:46

4-7 ★★★ Angry Birds - 4 birds HD

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