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Theme 5-21
Episode Mighty Hoax EP
Level Number 105
Birds Sequence SparkyDudeDudeBohemianBohemian
No.of Pigs Teamster x3 Mep x7
Lp x1 Headstrong x3 Master x1 (Cutout)
3-star Score 3star: 175,000 points
Difficulty Very hard
Previous Next
Theme 5-20 Theme 6-1

Theme 5-21 is the final level of Mighty Hoax and the 105th level of Angry Birds overall. It has another cardboard cutout of the King Pig.

3 Star Walkthrough

First, fire the Black Bird into the left side of the first tower, at least popping all Pigs within. Use the two Yellow Birds to pop any pigs that remain on the left side; otherwise, attack the base of the right tower. Use the first White Bird to destroy the left half, then the second to destroy the right half of the last tower.

Video Walkthroughs

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Mighty Hoax 5-2100:54

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Mighty Hoax 5-21

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