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Theme 5-3
Episode Mighty Hoax
Level Number 87
Birds Sequence Bohemian Diehard Dude Diehard
No.of Pigs Teamster x1 Teamster x1 Teamster x1 Wonk x1
3-star Score 80,000
Difficulty Medium
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Theme 5-2 Theme 5-4

Theme 5-3 is the third level of Theme 5, the 24th of Mighty Hoax, and the 87th of Angry Birds overall.

3 Star Strategy

First, fire the White Bird above the first two stone triangles, taking out the structure where the Moustache Pig lies. Then fire the Red Bird so he hits the hollow stone square, exploding the TNT, and taking out the pigs in the front. Fire a Yellow Bird to the Moustache Pig if you need it. The unused Red Bird will award the player an extra 10,000 points.

Video Walkthroughs

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Mighty Hoax 5-300:38

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Mighty Hoax 5-3

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