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Theme 5-5

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Theme 5-5
Episode Mighty Hoax
Level Number 89
Birds Sequence White Bird 4x
No.of Pigs Small Pig

Large Pig 2x
Helmet Pig
Moustache Pig

Target Score 65,000
Difficulty Medium
Previous Next
Theme 5-4 Theme 5-6

Theme 5-5 is the twenty-sixth level of Mighty Hoax.

3 Star Strategy

First, fire the White Bird so she lands head-on into the left structure, causing it to topple rightward. Use the next White Bird to clean up any pesky pigs remaining on the left side. Then, fire another White Bird to bomb the two pigs in the trough, then bomb the far-right structure. The unused White Bird will award an extra 10,000 points.

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