Level 6-15 is the final level in Beach Volley in Angry Birds Rio and Luiz the Bulldog's first appearance in the game level.

Just bounce a bird off the floaties.


In level 6-15, you get Luiz the bulldog's help.


The Red Bird must be hit forward and hit the wood with a climbing Marmoset and a Beach Ball will drop and Luiz attacks. The Blue Bird must hit the glass and make the two balls drop and Luiz attacks. The Yellow Bird must be flung up and bring an attack of the balls to let Luiz get a destruction. The White must hit the small Marmoset by the Beach Ball where it's above the large one. According to Blu and Jewel, they must attack the one with the large Marmosets and cause more objects to fall and Luiz should attack the Marmoset that's large. Without the balls, the Black must bomb the Marmoset and its shot must be timed carefully.

Luiz the Bulldog

In level 6-15, you get Luiz the Bulldog's help.

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