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Theme 7-14
Danger Above 7-14
Episode Danger Above
Level Number 134
Birds Sequence Dude Bohemian Blue Bird Dude Dude
No.of Pigs Teamster x3 Headstrong x1 Wonk x1
3-star Score 60,000
Difficulty Considerably hard
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Theme 7-13 Theme 7-15

Theme 7-14 is the 29th level of Danger Above and the 134th level so far.


Fire the Yellow bird through the second balloon and into the top-right floating pig. Three pigs should be popped from this shot. Fling the White bird just under the remaining floating platform and bomb the large structure on the right. If necessary, use the Blue bird to break the ice and pop the mustache pig on the far right. Otherwise, pop the floating pig.

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