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Theme 8-11
Level 8-11 002
Episode Danger Above EP
Level Number 146
Birds Sequence Dude Dude Sparky Dude Dude
No.of Pigs Teamster x5 Headstrong x1 Wonk x1
3-star Score 100,000
Difficulty Considerably hard
Previous Next
Theme 8-10 Theme 8-12

Theme 8-11 is the 41st level of Danger Above.


Fire the first two Yellow birds through the wooden blocks in the bottom-left of the structure. Launch the Black bird to get as close to the middle of the structure as possible, blowing the structure sky-high.

Video Walkthroughs

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Danger Above 8-1100:48

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Danger Above 8-11

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