Level 8-15 is a level in the Carnival Upheaval in Angry Birds Rio. The boss over here isn't Nigel the Cockatoo, it's Mauro the head marmoset. When Mauro's about to jump the Red Bird must hit the trampoline and must have its fling timed. Also, the balloons come out from Marcel, Tipa and Armando's Chicken Float that the birds have to time their flings. Also for Blu, when he's above Mauro, he should stay in flight before Mauro jumps. When an object is on a platform, Mauro takes damage. For the Black Bird, it must be flung and not hit the trampoline as it turns red and explodes. When it's behind Mauro, let it explode or tap it to damage him. For the Yellow Bird, it must hit him before he jumps. For the Blue Bird, it must be split into three when Mauro jumps. Also, for the White Bird, it must avoid the balloons and drop an egg on him to do damage. In order to get the papaya, a bird must hit the TNT Box and let a rock hit the one with a stamp to get it.


  • This is the second level to play the boss theme.

Differences from the Film

In the cutscene, Blu tries to rescue Jewel from the poachers and Nigel scares him, while in the movie, Nigel scares Fernando.

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