Danger Above 8-3
Episode Danger Above EP
Level Number 138
Birds Sequence Dude Dude Bohemian Sparky Blue Bird
No. of Pigs Teamster: x4 Headstrong: x3 Wonk: x1
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 120,000 points
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Danger Above 8-3 (AKA "Ethan's Level") is the 33rd level in Danger Above. There is an Easter egg in the level that you can see when you shoot a bird upwards or zoom out. (it's the name "Ethan" made out of grey blocks).


Lob a Yellow bird, speeding through the two horizontal wooden planks above the beachballs. The stone columns will topple to the right, and with a little luck, they can trigger the TNT at the bottom of the level.


  • The reason that it says the name "Ethan" in the sky because a five year old named Ethan from Texas loved to draw Angry Birds levels and he emailed Rovio, after drawing one. Rovio was impressed with him and the level, so they made one almost exactly like his drawing and placed his name in the sky. You'll see it when you zoom out.


Video Walkthroughs

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Danger Above 8-3

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Danger Above 8-3