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Theme 8-9
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Episode Danger Above
Level Number 144
Birds Sequence Sparky Sparky Sparky Sparky
No.of Pigs Teamster x2 Teamster x1 Headstrong x2 Wonk x2
3-star Score 140,000
Difficulty Medium
Previous Next
Theme 8-8 Theme 8-10

Theme 8-9 is the 39th level of Danger Above.


Launch the first Black bird to land on the small wooden block above the first mustache pig. A path should be created to fire the next Black bird through the wooden supports of the middle tower. Detonate the bird as far to the right as possible, clearing most pigs. If the far-right tower is intact, blow it to smithereens since you will earn more than 10,000 points in damage. Then take out the final pig.

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