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Theme 9-14
Episode The Big Setup
Level Number 164
Birds Sequence Enigma Enigma


No.of Pigs Teamster 4x
3-star Score 68,000
Difficulty Easy
Previous Next
Theme 9-13 Theme 9-15

Theme 9-14 is the fourteenth level in The Big Setup. There is a Golden Egg in this level.

Three Star Strategy

Throw the first Big Brother Bird at the pile of wood farthest left. It should smash through that, then go under to destroy the two pigs below the large structure. The large structure should then topple over. After that, use the second bird to destroy the remaining pig. 

Golden Egg Strategy

Destroy the tall structure with the first bird, then use the other two birds to get the Golden Egg on the right under a hard hat. You will then unlock Golden Egg Level 14.


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