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    About episode page, should we renovate like this. We need content like this. 

    Episode name

    --Episode name-- is the -first/second/third etc.-- episode. This episode was released on --released date like 16 August 2012--.



    --intro cutscene--


    --ending cutscene--

    New things

    List all new elements in this episode. If there are no new element, type:

    • Nothing new is added.


    --Describe about episode difficulty--

    • Easiest level:
    • Hardest level:


    Table. Example:


    (If it has.)




    Pictures about all story levels in this episode


    Navbox for levels.

    Navbox for episode in this game.

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    • About Difficult Key, wouldn't it be quite hard to determine?

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    • Ummm. Is it hard for you?

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    • P.S. All picture in directory must link to the walkthrough page.

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    • Bp101697 wrote: Ummm. Is it hard for you?

      Not really, but with so many choices, lots of people would have different opinions on how difficult it is, like if a level is rated Hard, others might disagree and write Very Hard instead. Even if it's just a tiny difference between each difficulty, fights might be caused.

      P.S. It's just my opinion, if you want to keep it, it's your choice.

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    • I think so but the comments in this wiki is not available. The talk page is hard to show the opinion but the admin oppose the article comments, so I can't do anything since I am not the admin.

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    • Bp101697
      Bp101697 removed this reply because:
      It is unrelated to the thread.
      04:17, March 31, 2014
      This reply has been removed
    • A FANDOM user
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