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Thunder Chuck
Thunder C
Thunder Chuck title card (Click to zoom)
Episode number 12
Air Date June 2, 2013
Written by Niklas Lindgren
Ian Carney
Directed by Kim Helminen
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Slingshot 101 Gardening with Terence

Thunder Chuck is the twelfth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

Chuck is on guard duty during a heavy storm, but doesn't want Red to find out that he's scared of lightning.


Chuck had to guard the nest during the night while Red was busy. The Pigs sneak up in a cardboard bush, getting closer as Chuck was not looking. Then Chuck saw and heard what appear to be a flash of lightning and afterwards, a sound of thunder. This freaked out Chuck, who ran into Red, who wondered what was going on. Chuck ran back to his duty. Suddenly, more thunder and lightning occurred after a while. Chuck hid himself with a blanket. Corporal Pig looked out from behind the fake bush and laughed until Red arrived. Red came to the nest for more grass, and when he saw Chuck under his blanket, he wondered what was really going on. When Chuck said that he was saving the blanket to put around the nest, Red walked away.

In reality, the thunder and lightning were fake — the pigs were playing a prank on Chuck. They used a gong for thunder and a camera for lightning. The pigs continued to scare Chuck, until he finally freaked out and dug in the ground (like a drill). The Corporal Pig felt that they had finished the prank and was ready to steal the Eggs, but the two Minion Pigs continued to produce fake thunder and lightning. The Corporal Pig told the other pigs to stop. Then real thundershocks from the now gray clouds occurred. The Corporal Pig thought it was the Minion Pigs still doing the prank and began to leave with the eggs, but then he got struck by the real lightning. This scared the other two pigs, and they ran away (getting struck multiple times by lightning in the process).

It started to rain, and Chuck got out of the hole he dug. Chuck sees that the Eggs were missing and the Corporal Pig was trying to steal them, so he ran over to beat him up, activating his headband to dodge lightning strikes. Red came back, shaking off all the water that was on him. He noticed that the Eggs were stolen and gets enraged, but then saw Chuck beating up the Corporal Pig. Chuck came back with the Eggs and put the blanket over them before giving Red an umbrella. Red was happy, but then lightning struck him and his umbrella. To end, Chuck says, "Oops."

Cast (in order)

  1. The Eggs
  2. Chuck
  3. Red
  4. Corporal Pig
  5. Minion Pigs


  • This is the second Angry Birds Toons episode to contain rain, the first being Off Duty, briefly.
  • After this episode was announced to come after Slingshot 101, the order of the upcoming episodes became mixed since FOX8 claimed that this episode was the 16th episode, and that the 12th episode was Run Chuck, Run!.
  • This is the third episode of Angry Birds Toons to have Chuck's name in the title, with the other two being Chuck Time and Full Metal Chuck, and the fourth being Run Chuck Run.
  • This is the fourth Angry Birds Toons episode to have the title change. The first one was Pig Has Talent to Pig Talent, with the second one being A New Friend to True Blue, and the third being Taking a Leave to Off Duty.
  • Kim Helminen returns to direct after a 3 episode absence.
  • This is the second time Chuck activates his headband, with the first being Chuck Time.
  • When the pigs get struck by lightning, their skulls look just like the ones that can be collected in Bad Piggies.
  • At the end of the episode, when Red was lightning struck, Chuck says an English word, "Oops".
  • It is revealed that Red's spine is like a spring.
    • However, it is possible that this was meant to be his rib cage.
  • The theme song from Slingshot 101 appears again. That could mean Rovio changed the theme song.
  • Chuck acts like a spy in the beginning of this episode, with music related to the James Bond theme.
  • In this episode, it has been revealed that Chuck has a fear of thunderstorm, known as Brontophobia.
  • If you see Chuck screaming the second time, it looks like he laid the eggs.


  • Chuck's headband was red when he was getting away from the lightning.
  • The credits for the episode are the same exact credits as Slingshot 101. It lists The BluesChef Pig, and King Pig, who do not appear in this episode, and not Chuck or Corporal Pig. It is, however, fixed as of the new Angry Birds Toons Channel.
  • After this episode was announced to come after Slingshot 101, the order of the upcoming episodes became confusing since FOX8 claimed that this episode was the 16th episode, and that the 12th episode was Run Chuck, Run!.
  • Chuck's headband disappeared when he was hitting the Corporal Pig.



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Thunder Chuck Episode


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