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Trojan Egg
T Egg
Trojan Egg title card (Click to zoom)
Episode number 15
Air Date June 23, 2013
Written by Ian Carney
JP Saari
Eric Guaglione
Directed by Eric Guaglione
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Pigs 20130404-kingpig Chef Testing 20130404-pig
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Trojan Egg is the fifteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

King Pig launches a sneak attack on the eggs, will the birds manage to see through his disguise?


One night, King Pig was sleeping, then Chef Pig walked in and woke him up but was startled. He told the King to be quiet because the guards of the King Pig's Palace were also sleeping. Chef Pig whispers something into King Pig's ear. He liked it, and followed the Chef, but left his crown behind. Chef Pig told him it was a "Trojan Egg", which Chef Pig took him, stuffed him in the hole, and he bored the hole. Where the King Pig was stuffed in, Chef Pig brought the egg to somewhere, and snickered as he ran away.

By dawn, Chuck and Red were looking at the egg. They were wondering where it came from, and saw a corkscrew tail, then a tongue, and then heard pig laughter. The two birds saw many green, which they knew it was a pig, but they can't decide what to do with the egg.

Back in Pig City, a guard pig opened the gates, and saw the egg, and a picture of Red and Chuck loved. He called other pigs, then the King was wondering about what was going on. They were having a celebration, and started to cook the wooden egg. As Chef Pig walked out of a building, he saw the egg being cooked. It freaked him out so much that his mustache was messed up. He was sad about the time King Pig will die, but was sneaky and realized the the King had left his crown at his throne, and went so that he could take over the city. He went to King Pig's Palace, and he saw the throne. The giant egg had so much pressure, it would burst. When the egg blew up, King Pig bursts out of the egg. At the Palace, Chef Pig saw the crown, threw his chef hat on the staircase, and got the crown and the throne. Chef Pig was a little too excited to become the new King of the city, and the real King Pig was landing in his Palace, which Chef Pig was laughing evilly to become king. During his evil laugh, he got very scared when the real King Pig crushed him. The crown swung in the air, and landed on the real King Pig's head. He was tired, and really hot, so he had to cool down until he is ready to attack the day. At the bottom of him, there was Chef Pig, and he appears with his snout and mustache freed.



  • This is the first episode to have King Pig on the title card.
  • This is referred to a tale called "Trojan Horse ". It also resembles the tale because of the fact the King Pig is hiding in the Egg built by the Chef Pig.
  • It is revealed that Chef Pig cares very little about King Pig, even if the pigs try to eat him.
  • Instead of saying 15/52, it says "Episode 15". Rovio changed it because of the new channel of Toons.

    The Drawing of Red and Chuck made by a fan named Salvador.

    Pig City looks redesigned to look like a medieval town. Also, the towers for pigs to sleep in are missing.
  • This episode hints that Chef Pig may be the main antagonist of the Angry Birds series, not being King Pig.
  • Chef Pig looks like smaller in this episode than "True Blue?" and "Slingshot 101" episodes he was.
  • The picture of Red and Chuck loved was a drawing that is made by one of Rovio's fans.
  • The Minion Pig guard said Egg when he called every pig to get the Trojan Egg [King Pig]
  • In a poster of Mechanic Pig, he was shown fixing the Trojan Egg.
  • The fake egg is made out of wood.


  • In the title card, King Pig had a crown in the Trojan Egg, although in the episode he does not.
  • The hole of the Trojan Egg in the title card is big compared to the toons.



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Trojan Egg Episode

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