Trojan Egg is the fifteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

King Pig launches a sneak attack on the eggs, will the birds manage to see through his disguise?


King Pig is peacefully sleeping in his castle, until Chef Pig arrives to wake him up, surprising him in the process. After Chef Pig quiets him down, he brings him to a secret room, where a large wooden egg stands (King Pig does not realize that he left his crown behind). King Pig is impressed, but Chef Pig quickly shoves him inside the egg and traps him in there. Chef Pig pushes the egg all the way to the birds' nest.

After sunrise, Red and Chuck notice the wooden egg at their nesting spot and are confused. King Pig laughs out loud, then spots the birds' eggs near him. He smells the eggs, but turns around and continues to laugh. Red and Chuck are unamused.

Meanwhile, a guard Minion Pig is sleeping near a gate. He hears a knock and is shocked by the large egg. He sees a banner Red, Chuck, and a heart on it. He realizes that it represents Red and Chuck's ownership. The Minion Pig gathers hundreds of pigs to have a party with the large egg. King Pig hears the pigs cheering and laughing, so he decides to laugh himself, until he feels burning. The burning comes from the pigs attempting to heat up the egg. Chef Pig walks by the scene and is shocked until he realizes that he could become the king. So, he walks up the stairs all the way to King Pig's throne, laughing evilly. Inside the egg, King Pig feels very overheated. Luckily, the egg explodes and he flies back to his throne, where Chef Pig removes his chef hat, and puts on the crown. He laughs evilly again, but King Pig lands on him and the crown lands on top of King Pig. Chef Pig can barely breathe under King Pig's fat body. In the credits, King Pig laughing can be heard.




  • This is the first episode to have King Pig on the title card.
  • This is referred to a tale called "Trojan Horse ". It also resembles the tale because of the fact the King Pig is hiding in the Egg built by the Chef Pig.
  • It is shown that Chef Pig cares very little about King Pig, even if the pigs try to eat him.
  • Instead of saying 15/52, it says "Episode 15". Rovio changed it because of the new channel of Toons.
    • This episode hints at more malevolent character traits of Chef Pig than previous appearances

      The Drawing of Red and Chuck made by a fan named Salvador.

  • Pig City looks redesigned to look like a medieval town. Also, the towers for pigs to sleep in are missing.
  • Chef Pig looks like smaller in this episode than "True Blue?" and "Slingshot 101" episodes he was.
  • The picture of Red and Chuck with a heart was a drawing that is made by one of Rovio's fans. His name was Salvador.
  • In a poster of Mechanic Pig, he was shown fixing the Trojan Egg.
  • This was the first time someone else was wearing King Pig's crown. Chef Pig was wearing his crown. The second time was when a Blue Bird was wearing his crown in Piggy Wig.
    • However, In Piggy Wig, That was the first time a bird wore his crown.


  • In the title card, King Pig had a crown in the Trojan Egg, although in the episode he does not.


Trojan Egg Episode02:45

Trojan Egg Episode

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