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Under the Cloud of Night

ABEpicEvent3 (Under the Cloud of Night)
Zone Events
Type Normal Battle
Enemies Ninja Pigs, Lancer, Shogun, Mandarin
Main Prize ABEpicEventMedal (Transparent): 250, 500 or 750
Previous Next
Puzzle & Dragons Curse of the Necromancer

Under the Cloud of Night is the third event of Angry Birds Epic and the second event to be repeated. The table below shows when did the event happened.

Event schedule
Left: Dates, Down: Event number Started Ended
1 7 November 2014 9 November 2014
2 13 May 2015 17 May 2015
3 3 July 2015 5 July 2015

To Be Defeated:

Black Ninja

Special Rules: None (All)

Master Ninja

Special Rules:


-This battle can be played up to 4 birds. (All)


Special Rules:

Healing Waters - Heals all pigs for 150 health. Every 2 turns.(First time only)
Wild Boars - Increases attack power of a pig by 30% for two turns. Every 2 turns. (Second and third time only)


Difficulty are varies by the pigs. Black Ninja battles have easy-medium difficulties, Master Ninja battles have medium-hard difficulties, while the Shogun battles have considerably hard difficulties.


Pink Lotus


A pink lotus

The Pink Lotus placed everywhere on Piggy Island during this event from the second time onwards. Collect them for event medals and valuable items like Snoutlings or Staminas before the event ends. The Pink Lotus is rarer than the Gift Box so you need to look carefully on the map to find it.


The enemies will be the ones you encountered in Bamboo Forest, except for Will-o-Whisp and Little Ninja.


Choose a weak damage bird (Samurai recommended, using a chain attack weapon), a healer (Druid recommended), and a strong one (recommended Capt'N) if battling Shogun. Bring about 10 juices, rank 2-3.




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