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This is a page listing all the Unused Content from all Angry Birds Games.

Angry Birds


There is an unused level in the game called «StellaLevel». The level refused to load. It is thought to be a level where you only use Stella, who wasn't in the game back then.


Bubble, unlike Stella, is actually able to load. However, it is always messed up and will give you a score of zero. The Slingshot is stuck in the ground, So it is impossible to win.

Future update of arts

There is an unused poster of a new update. It was a file with a poster that has a texture of buttons and a wood background. There are: 2 Yellow Birds (new game design), Bubbles, Minion Pigs (new game design) and uses the background for levels in Red's Mighty Feathers. Maybe it was supposed to be a new unused background for the episode Poached Eggs, but it is unplayable.


Angry Birds Seasons

Year of the Goat

There is a unused icon for a new episode called Year of the Goat. There is one Minion Pig in a goat costume and Tokyo or Pekin on on the episode Icon background. Rovio probably wanted to add this episode to celebrate Chinese New Year 2015 as the Year of the Goat.

Angry Birds Rio


There are two skins of Shakira with names ''Fly'' and ''Shockwave''. Both skins have strange names. It is unknown what they are used for. Fly was probably Shakira out of the Slingshot. Shockwave was probably her power.

Angry Birds Space

Space Ranks

There is a texture of a UFO from the Space Ranks mode which was announced with added a new rewards for the Cosmic Crystals episode and Space Ranks mode.

Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Star Wars I & II

Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Transformers

Angry Birds Stella

  • The Hammer power-up used to be an Anvil, but it was replaced with a Hammer in the final version.
  • In game data files, you can find the sprites that are unused.
    • An unused photo of Stella.
    • The Spring Day Poppy costume supposed to come out in December 2014 as Telepods, but it was never released and the snapshot of it is unfinished. 2 other costumes are unused as well, such as a black beanie and a yellow afro wig for Luca.
    • There are some Lost and Found items are unused and unfinished.
    • Some Pigs aren't in the game such as Dino Pig, Ghost Pig, etc.
    • Some blocks that aren't in the game.
    • The textures of animals called Critters, they're supposed to be in the game but they never made into the game, due the developers stopped updating the Stella game. They were later used in Stella's animated series and Angry Birds POP!.

Pigs (built out of template parts)


Angry Birds Fight

Angry Birds 2

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