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  • I live in Pig City
  • My occupation is Bein' Creative
  • I am Iceberg Lettuce

Personal Data

I've been playing Angry Birds and Bad Piggies since January 2013!

  • Name: TheCuteDolphin
  • Known Aliases: TCD, Dolphin and CuteDolphin
  • Group Affiliation: PvZCC Staff, Subway Admins and Piggy Contraptions Manager.

Bird Faves

Image Name Reason
Bird Faves
Angry+Birds+Wreck+The+Halls+animation Bomb Bomb is a in my option is very useful, this explodin' bird is great for 3-starring a level! It can do great heavy deals of damage. Goes great with Super Seeds or Super Slinger.
Terence Terence He's huge, he's tough, he's brave, It's Terence! In my opinion, Terence is the strongest bird in the game, He's super useful! Experiment power-ups with Terrence, Try Super Seeds, It will make Terence gigantic and will destroy everything in it's path! 
Chuck 1 Chuck Chuck is so cute and speedy! Chuck's speediness is great for damaging wood and glass, In Chuck Time, Chuck acts like a strong, yet whacky bird, In Full Metal Chuck, Chuck trains the Blues..Like a Soldier! And lastly, In Egg Sounds, Chuck wants the soon-to-be-hatched-bird babies to act like a soldier, like him! That's why i like Chuck.
20130404-stella Stella Stella, the new flock member, is useful when lifting heavy objects like Metal or a TNT, Sometimes not useful, but in the trailer he stopped the pigs only herself by blowing an Egg-Shaped Bubble, And Stella is so cute!
Bubbles With Candies Bubbles

Bubbles may be small, but watch out...Inflate! He goes, this candy-loving bird is useful on level, he can fit on small spaces then destroys the things close to him, when inflated.

Squawkifying and Oinkifying

Since the ABSW and ABSW2 characters doesn't have their "bird and pig names," Here's my fanon names for them.

Image Actual Name Squawkified/Oinkified Name
Bird Side
Qui-Gon Jinn copy Qui-Gon Jinn

Quail-Gon Jinn (Squawkified)

Swine-Gon Jinn (Oinkified)

Obi-Wan Kenobi (young) copy Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kaboomi (Squawkified)

Obi-Swine-Kenobi (Oinkified)

Skywalkers Copy Anakin Skywalker/Luke Skywalker

Anakin Skysquawker/Luke Skysquawker


Oinkanin Skyporker/Luke Skyporker


Padme copy Padmé Amidalla

Stellá Amidalla (Squawkified)

Swineá Hamidalla (Oinkified)

Princess Leia copy Princess Leia

Princess Stella (Squawkified)

Princess Oinka (Oinkified)

Windu Mace Windu

Mace Birdu (Squawkified)

Mace Swinedu (Oinkified)

Yoda II copy Yoda

Yoda Bird (Squawkified)

Yoda Pig (Oinkified)

Jar Jar copy Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar Bird (Squawkified)

Jar Jar Swines (Oinkified)

Jedi Youngling copy Jedi Youngling

Jedi Birdling (Squawkified)

Jedi Pigling (Oinkified)

Panaka copy Captain Panaka

Captain Pebeaka (Squawkified)

Captain Pignaka (Oinkified)

R2-d2 copy R2D2

R2EGG2 (Squawkified)

R2BACON2 (Oinkified)

C3po II copy C3PO

C3PYOLK (Squawkified)

C3POINK (Oinkified)

Han II Han Solo

Chuck Solo (Squawkified)

Ham Solo (Oinkified)

Chewbacca copy Chewbacca

Chewbirdca (Squawkified)

Chewbacon (Oinkified)

Pork Side
Darth sidious copy Emperor Paplatine/Darth Sidious

Emperor Piglatine/Lard Pigious (Oinkified)

Emperor Redlatine/Feathered Squawkious(Squawkified)

Maul copy Darth Maul

Lard Maul/Lard Moar (Oinkified)

Feathered Maul/Feathered Moa (Squawkified)

Dooku copy Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus

Count Oinku/Lard Typorkus (Oinkified)

Count Squawku/Feathered Dove-u(Squawkified)

BobaJango Boba Fett/Jango Fett

Boba Fatt/Jango Fatt (Oinkified)

Boba Squawkk/Jango Squawkk(Squawkified)

Tie fighter piot copy Tie Fighter Pilot

Tie Fighter Pilot Piggy (Oinkified)

Tie Fighter Pilot Bird(Squawkified)

Zam copy Zam Wesell

Zam Swinsell/Ham Wesell (Oinkified)

Zam Squawkell(Squawkified)

Battle droid copy Battle Droid

Battle Bacondroid (Oinkified)

Battle Birdroid(Squawkified)

Vader II copy Darth Vader

Lard Vader (Oinkified)

Feathered Darter(Squawkified)

Biker scout copy Biker Scout

Bacon Scout (Oinkified)

Bird Scout(Squawkified)

Stormtrooper copy Stormtrooper

Swinetrooper/Pigtrooper (Oinkified)


Angry Birds Toons Episode Suggestions

1. Bubble Troubles

While the Flock takes a vacation, Bubbles and Stella are left in-charge with the eggs, but, while Stella was blowing bubbles, she ironically get trapped in the huge bubble she made! It's up to Bubbles to save her!

2. Golden Cook

Chef Pig steals King Pig's crown while he's sleeping, and the Minion Pigs mistake Chef Pig for King Pig! Will King Pig find a way to get his crown back?

3. Love Birds

When Bubbles and a minion pig falls in love with Stella, the 2 will stop at nothing to win Stella's heart!

4. The Squawking Dead

The zombie birds and zombie pigs rise from the Cemetery and attack both the Pigs and Birds! The Flock and the piggies have to team up to stop them!

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