• AMslimfordy

    Space Birds Images

    March 9, 2012 by AMslimfordy

    Hi all,

    For the time being, users should not post images of "Space" birds/pigs on individual bird/pig pages. Instead, there is a designated page for Space Characters.

    Cheers, Slim

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  • AMslimfordy

    The images which appear in the Infobox for separate episodes of Angry Birds should, in general, be square unless otherwise unavailable. The long, thin "sliver"-style episode markers as appear in Mac and PC versions of the game are not well-suited for the Infobox since they take up way too much space vertically. (See right.)

    Also, for those who make these sorts of edits: I added two new call areas to "Infobox episode" and "Infobox character":

    1. imagewidth: If left blank, it defaults to the original size of the image. Sometimes that's wayyyy too huge, so I suggest setting imagewidth=160.
    2. Box title: If left blank, it defaults to the page name. In general, that will be the way, but it is able to be customized if necessary (e.g., Rio Characters).

    If …

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