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  • I live in Texas
  • I was born on September 25
  • My occupation is Video Gaming and Wiki Editing
  • I am a male
  • Al the Emerald Toucanet

    Wow, its been a really long time since I've made any new edits. Hopefully, I should be back around late April to early May. And don't worry, I'm still an Angry Birds fan, no way I would lose interest! :) I even got a hold of an Angry Birds Movie Stella and Matilda plushes and an Angry Birds Movie LEGO set! And with The Angry Birds Movie around the cornor, I should be making new edits every now and then for its page. (Along with other pages of course) Another thing, is that I hope there's soon AB Movie plushes of the Stella charaters and Hal & Bubbles (the Smosh duo of the flock ;)), along with some new pig plushes, like Foreman Pig or something. Anyway, I guess I'll see you guys soon! I missed you all! 

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  • Al the Emerald Toucanet

    Man, I just Love Rainbow Riot! Today on Angry Birds Epic, the 5x Rainbow Riot was going on and I got some Awesome new equipment including Set Items!

    Right here are the set items I got:

    Primal Axe for Red, Another Mana Mist for Chuck, Phoenix Egg for Chuck (which complete's my Reborn set) And Honey Spoon for Matilda

    I know short Blog I just haven't been making any blog's lately so I just decided to make one after I'm done using all of my Lucky Coins (except for one) on my Rainbow Riot 5x Golden Pig Machine and I didn't get much set items but it was fun!

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  • Al the Emerald Toucanet

    Can some one delete this blog if it's possible?.

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  • Al the Emerald Toucanet

    Here's just something I've noticed in the races on Angry Birds GO!. It occasionally happens, and there's a glitch that boosts them up ahead and it only happened to me once, and I hate it. And I'm pretty sure people hack to do that all the time, and it's kind of  like in VS. Races, where you can push opponents into walls, and they get stuck for the rest of the race and I've seen hackers on Youtube on Angry Birds GO! and I just don't like the fact that you can hack in the game.

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  • Al the Emerald Toucanet

    There's something I've always wanted to ask people on this wiki... WHAT ARE THE ANGRY BIRDS AGES? Now, I'm going to try to solve that by making this new blog post. Now what I think the Angry Birds ages are... I think Red is 26, the Blues are 7, Chuck is 23, (I know, younger than Red Bird, who cares?) Bomb is 29, Matilda is 24, Al is 30, Terence is 49, Bubbles is 11 To 13, Stella is 16, Silver is 17 To 21, and The Mighty Eagle is 156, and just cause, I'll just say what I think the Stella Birds' ages are. So I think Poppy is 17, Luca is ?, I think Dahlia is 23, Willow is 14, and Gale is 16. I mean, the Stella Birds do look young. So what do you think the Angry Birds/Stella Birds ages are? Post a comment on this and say what you think their a…

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