There's something I've always wanted to ask people on this wiki... WHAT ARE THE ANGRY BIRDS AGES? Now, I'm going to try to solve that by making this new blog post. Now what I think the Angry Birds ages are... I think Red is 26, the Blues are 7, Chuck is 23, (I know, younger than Red Bird, who cares?) Bomb is 29, Matilda is 24, Al is 30, Terence is 49, Bubbles is 11 To 13, Stella is 16, Silver is 17 To 21, and The Mighty Eagle is 156, and just cause, I'll just say what I think the Stella Birds' ages are. So I think Poppy is 17, Luca is ?, I think Dahlia is 23, Willow is 14, and Gale is 16. I mean, the Stella Birds do look young. So what do you think the Angry Birds/Stella Birds ages are? Post a comment on this and say what you think their ages are. P.S. I Do have Angry Birds Stella, I just don't play it because I 3 Starred the game and it was discontinued.

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