I've noticed a lot of changes throughout Willow's design, and I would like to share them with you. OK, the first ever Willow picture I've seen was on It had a sagging hat with a brown tip at the end, it was more of a lighter color, and also it had light-blue tips on the end of it's head feathers, unlike the second Willow picture which had a hat going more upward, it did not have a tip at the end of it's hat and it also did not have light-blue colored tips at the ends of it's head feathers. And now there's a third picture of Willow that still does not have a tip at the end of it's hat and the brown stripes are now the tangerine stripes and now the tangerine stripes are the brown stripes. And Willow's hat patterns are: First one is brown, tangerine, brown, tangerine, brown, and on the second Willow it's hat pattern is: Brown, tangerine, brown, tangerine, and on the third one the pattern on it's hat is: Tangerine, brown, tangerine, brown, and in the Stella & Friends/Angry Birds Stella sneek-peek My Name Is Willow, the hat pattern is: Red, tangerine, red, tangerine, but in the official Stella Toons, Willow's hat actually has the tip at the end and Willow's new hat pattern is: Orange, tangerine, orange, tangerine, orange. Now her beak changes. Her beak really didn't have much changes, the only changes is that they made it a more orange-ish color, but that's it. Now with the eyes. The first Willow actually had light-brown eyes, but my reproduction didn't have the light-brown eyes. On the second Willow it had dark orange eyes. And on the third one it had normal brown eyes, and the eyes on that one are smaller. And I forgot to make my reproduction of the first Willow a lighter color, since it's lighter than the others, and if you ask why the third one is a lighter color is because I got it off of and the pictures of the Angry BIrds on there often tend too look a bit brighter than they should be.
Theory of Willow Mutations

(left) This (is) my closest reproduction to the original Willow picture. (middle) This is the second Willow. (right) This is the third Willow picture.

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