• Angry Brock

    Angry Fans Revolt

    March 23, 2012 by Angry Brock

    When I jumped on the Angry Birds train last summer I knew that I had found something special. A fun $.99 App with free updates and no in-game advertising. After completing the original Angry Birds game I was quick to download Seasons and Rio. When I had spent months completing all the stars I even downloaded The Mighty Eagle for $.99 for more Rovio fun.

    However the new wave of Rovio games has begun to turn me off Angry Birds. The company is in danger of losing me as a customer.

    I waited a month for SPACE and when it finally released I found it full of advertising and in-app purchases. Some of the levels are now pay-only. You can now pay $20 and still not have unlimited Mighty Eagles. When Rovio…

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