When I jumped on the Angry Birds train last summer I knew that I had found something special. A fun $.99 App with free updates and no in-game advertising. After completing the original Angry Birds game I was quick to download Seasons and Rio. When I had spent months completing all the stars I even downloaded The Mighty Eagle for $.99 for more Rovio fun.

However the new wave of Rovio games has begun to turn me off Angry Birds. The company is in danger of losing me as a customer.

I waited a month for SPACE and when it finally released I found it full of advertising and in-app purchases. Some of the levels are now pay-only. You can now pay $20 and still not have unlimited Mighty Eagles. When Rovio launched what should have been their best game, they betrayed fans everywhere. Rovio is selling out. Angry Birds is in danger of losing it's fans. If Rovio wants more money they can sell merchandise, but don't turn your wonderful games into a virtual Wall-Mart.

If you agree with these complaints, take a stance and tell Rovio that they are in danger of losing you as well.

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