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  • AquaChoco1997

    Lack of Active

    March 27, 2017 by AquaChoco1997

    I apologize I wasn't really online on here, I've been doing with my personal schedule and other stuff going-on. I'm still playing Epic and Fight, I'll be updating them but first I need to finish few things on my To-Do List.

    Speaking of AB Fight, I sent the email request to Rovio if they still continue with that game, they said they couldn't share update schedules or plans at the moment. Idk if Fight is completely finish or still on-going, since there's nothing new about new islands or Dr. Pig lab levels for 8-9 months. We'll see if there's any new information for AB Fight.

    So yeah, uh I'll be more active on AB Wiki next month (I have Spring Break next month, whoo~). :D

    ~ AquaAngryBirdsFan/Nsponge200

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  • AquaChoco1997

    I'm gonna write this about the small update with Angry Birds related.

    Angry Birds Ace Fighter would be my last Angry Birds game for a while, because due to my personal schedule I have recently (I'm about to get a job in next few years) and getting, you know, newer Angry Birds games would made me feel kinda stress or have no time for getting them. That doesn't mean I'll lose interest with it, I just need a break that's all.

    I'll be still playing Epic and Fight (for now). I'll also play the pervious Angry Birds games like the Original, Seasons, and/or others (I'm not sure). That includes older versions, which now I have APK file for Angry Birds v1.3.5 (the first release for Android version?; 10/19/2010). The reason I have this is to adding inf…

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  • AquaChoco1997

    I was convert .tga files to .png files of these sprites.

    They're not really complete, it was before PvP Arena update and later updates I'm guessing? I just found the .zip file of it yesterday, so I couldn't figure out how to rip the sprites from later updates (such as arena items, new classes for the birds, and more).

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