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    November 20, 2012 by BIONICLEToa

    Angry Birds and Bad Piggies once lived on a peaceful island. The bigs ate the grass, and the birds ate the seeds. One day, the Pigs became bored of eating grass, and decided to go eat some of the bird's eggs. This was a dumb desision. They were going to poach the eggs and eat them, untill the Birds saw them. The Bird became angry becuase the Pigs took their eggs. So they got on a slingshot and started to fling themselfs at the pig's fortresses.

    Instead of asking to have the eggs back, the Bird's instincts kicked in and decided to kill each and every one of them at every fortress. They eventually got every bird in their flock to come and join them, to defeat the unnaturally green pigs.

    To be contiued...

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