Here are some photos I take when I play "Bad Piggies (game)"


  • My most amazing invention ever!
  • My invention goes faster and faster every second!
  • My invention is about to win and have victory!
  • If you wanna know when pigs take off and fly here is your answer!
  • Pigs land as safe as they can after they fly!
  • It looks like Freckled Pig is about to fail unless he can pop one of the balloons!
  • To me in the game King Pig looks like a father to Freckled Pig
  • King Pig and Freckled Pig watching balloons fly by and pop
  • Bye bye Freckled Pig we will see you soon!
  • Or too soon...
  • Don't forget the Pig when you have lots of rope!
  • Freckled Pig and King Pig relaxing again.
  • Back to the King to do some work!
  • King Pig's turn for the ride!
  • King Pig lands safe after a great ride!
  • Lots of balloons carry one pig!
  • But be careful when they pop!
  • Cause you will get close to the ground
  • And hit it
  • But it looks like the King wants to try!
  • Here comes the falling again...

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